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October 21, 2013

13246_717361126100_2025631575_nEvery day in the office is uniquely the same; an oxymoron, I know, but true nonetheless. The task repeats itself but the client differs, which differs my experience and makes each day “uniquely the same”.  Needless to say, while I very much enjoy speaking to clients and taking on the challenge of pairing each guest with the best possible destination and rental property that suits their needs, it is wonderful to escape the computer screen a couple times a year and travel to the destinations that we represent in order to tour properties and thereby, be able to assist our clients that much more. Next up on the agenda for me was Turks and Caicos!

I discovered the existence of Turks and Caicos through a friend of mine who is from Grand Turk. This journey, though, brought me and two of my colleagues to the tiny island of Providenciales. My mission: to learn as much as I could about the island and tour as many villas as possible. I knew not what to expect from Provo aside from what I’d heard from my colleagues who’d visited. The feedback had always been positive; and being that it is our second-most traveled destination after St. John, I knew it had to be something special. There is a handful of things in this world that make me happy, including but not limited to dogs, cheese, the beach and the sky. Turks and Caicos surely offers the latter so it was bound to be an ideal match!

The trip was off to a nice start. My colleagues and I had great seats on the plane with lots of legroom, which is very crucial to all 5’5” of me, and we entertained ourselves with a great selection of movies that Delta Airlines had to offer. I am a horror film junkie so of course my selection was Mama. It is possible that I screamed frequently and startled many passengers, but let’s just call that a rumor. The film made the flight a short one and soon after, we descended unto Provo. My eyes sparkled as even from the plane I wanted to jump out to enjoy the beauty of the water that was underneath me. I couldn’t wait to experience it on land. It was the most stunning shade of blue I had ever laid my eyes on. We were in and out of the airport fairly quickly, retrieved our car rental and were on our way to our accommodation at The Tuscany on Grace Bay.


The Tuscany from the beach


Pathway to the beach from The Tuscany

En route to The Tuscany, we surveyed the land. It is always interesting for me to make presumptions about what an island may look like and discover the reality of it when I arrive. I was shocked to find that the streets were nearly desolate, even for July. I half expected to encounter a “walker”. We cruised along and found the local IGA, where we immediately stopped to fill up on the essentials. Because the goods are mostly imported, prices are quite high. We ventured on up Leeward Highway and were eventually greeted by an electronic gate at The Tuscany. Our hostess, who had the most beautiful, welcoming smile, showed us to our unit. The doors opened and my heart sank as all I saw in the distance was turquoise!

View from our patio

The Tuscany is such a fantastic place! I would suggest this accommodation to any guest and I, myself, would come back over and over and bring friends or family, as it is perfect for either kind of vacation! We stayed in a 3 BDR unit on the 3rd floor that had a king room, queen room and a room with two twins. We must have played Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who would get the king room. Apparently, being the only woman held no weight with my travel partners, but I digress.

The Tuscany offers an enormous pool, perfect for lounging and swimming laps. Because it was the quiet season, we practically had the pool to ourselves! The Tuscany also offers bicycles to go out and explore, a conference room and business center, an adorable office kitty and glorious beach frontage. The units are fully air-conditioned and are tastefully decorated. There was even a complimentary bag of the local coffee, which I rather enjoyed. We dropped our bags and immediately headed for the sand. My toes literally melted into it. I was in heaven.

Our first meal in Turks & Caicos was a special one: scrambled eggs, cheese and toast, homemade. It doesn’t get any better than breakfast for dinner! The sun descended on our first evening and we rested up to get ready for what was coming.

The next four days were stacked heavily with property tours. There were so many villas to see and we did not even get to meet with all of our partners on the island! Each villa had its own individual personality; from quaint cottages to villas that literally took my breath away.

We hit the Turtle Cove area, walked the entire neighborhood and viewed each property there. Turtle Cove is great for the avid snorkeler (proximity to Smith’s Reef) and clients who don’t want to necessarily hop into a car each and every time they wish to dine as you can walk to the Turtle Cove Marina for a selection of a few eateries. We also saw villas in Taylor Bay, Sapodilla Bay, Long Bay, Silly Creek, Ocean Point and Turtle Tail.

A few of my favorite properties + some fun word association =

Azure @ Blue Mountain – Clean Lines (This new villa is crisp and sleek and wonderful for families. A short stroll takes you to a small, private beach)


One of two living rooms at Azure













Coral HouseTimeless (Coral House is a classic villa with a Barbadian flair. It is the perfect accommodation for those looking for a full service villa)

Coral House Entrance

Amazing GraceChic (Similar to Coral House but with a more modern feel. This villa is perfect for those wanting a full service villa with privacy as it is tucked away)

Master Bedroom

Cottages on Grace BayRomantic (Perfect honeymoon villas. One of my favorite things is the huge soaking tub that overlooks the beach on one end and the marina on the other)

Cottages on Grace Bay

Saving GraceEdgy (Brand new villa that is ideal for families. This villa offers many luxurious touches, including a high-tech mirror/television in the living room)

Saving Grace

AlamandraSexy (That says it all! This gorgeous villa has an open-air feel, beautiful landscaping and just possesses a certain “je ne sais quoi” that caught my attention. I viewed it during the day but the nights here must be amazing!)


Entrance to Alamandra

Breezy VillaHome (Breezy Villa is a great accommodation at an affordable rate that feels just like home. It is a great option for those seeking privacy)


Lovely kitchen at Breezy Villa

When we weren’t touring villas, we were out hunting for food and fun! When in Turks, I suggest dining at the resorts. My best meal was at the popular spot, Da Conch Shack, in Blue Hills. I know this might sound weird, but I am not a “fine dining” kind of girl. I like to keep things simple, including my food. There isn’t much shopping available and there isn’t really what I would call “nightlife”. One evening, there was a beach bar playing live music a couple minutes’ walk along the beach from The Tuscany that we visited. We plopped down on beach loungers and listened to music while watching the moon glow brilliantly. It was nice – but definitely not my version of a night scene!


Da Conch Shack

During our only downtime, which wasn’t much, the boys went kayaking in Chalk Sound, followed by a fun evening at Bugaloo’s. If you ask them, they will likely say that that meal was their favorite. I did not venture out with them that evening. I decided to have some “me” time and took a leisurely stroll on the  beach.  It was so leisurely that I hadn’t noticed just how far I’d walked or for how long! I could have easily walked for almost two hours, picking up beautiful shells along the way, which I brought back home with me. I ended up at the far end of Leeward. I decided to watch the sunset – it was simply breathtaking. I may have cried.

Getting back to the airport and returning the rental vehicle was easy but get to the airport early! There were long lines galore and this was during low season so I can only imagine what it must be like during high season and on a Saturday, since most of the villas rent Saturday to Saturday only. Be sure to plan ahead!

All in all, the island did not let me down. With water so blue and perfect, skies so serene and the Caribbean pace of life, Providenciales is the perfect place for family looking to spend quality time together, old friends looking to catch up with one another or couples looking to fall in love all over again. <3

Until next time!


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