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September 04, 2014

In late July 2014, a couple of colleagues and I set off for our annual summer trips to inspect villas. This time, I was returning to St Barth for three nights and two intense days of villa visits (29 in two days) and then, on to Anguilla for the same amount of nights. The island of Anguilla is worth the extra ferry ride for the solitude and pristine beaches!!! On Anguilla, I was staying a few extra days after our villa tours to relax and soak up the gorgeous beaches. I know what you are thinking (same as all of my friends) – “Poor Allegra HAS to go to St Barth and Anguilla to visit gorgeous villas – poor, poor Allegra.” Well, it is not as glamorous as it may sound. It is mid-July and these villas are able to be viewed because no one is in them – no one is in them, so the A/C is off and it is HOT on these islands in mid to late July! Our imaginations are in overdrive on these trips and it can get exhausting. Now, don’t get me wrong – these trips are not ALL torture. We do get to experience in-villa chefs, water excursions, and sometimes, spa services.

I had been to Anguilla once before after visiting St Barth and it was again to veg on the beach; so this would be my first time to visit and stay at some of our villas on the island. I was really looking forward to it.

We landed on St Martin and met our escort, who would take us the three-minute drive from the airport to the charter dock. We were a little early so we went to the bar in the driveway and had a beer to cool off during the midday heat. Soon it was time to board the boat and 25 minutes later, we arrived at Blowing Point ferry terminal on Anguilla. Swift customs and immigration and we were met by our host, Kenroy, who whisked us off to our home on the island for three nights – Colibri Villa. This six bedroom villa is located in Sandy Hill and is a great value for a large family or a group of friends. It is also located right next to White Cedars Villa and would make a great nine-bedroom enclave. There is a constant breeze off of the water at both of these villas and both have good views of St Martin, and on a clear day, St Barth in the distance.

The afternoon of our arrival called for a sunset cruise with one of our on-island partners as we went to Little Bay, where my colleague did some backflips off of the rocks and the rest of us floated in the crystal clear water. After that, we went to Sandy Island and swam ashore and walked the perimeter of this tiny island off of Anguilla. Garfield, our captain, then brought us to the finish line of a major boat race which ended at Meads Bay Beach (my home for three nights at the end of the trip), and we had a blast being a part of a major event for Anguillans. De Tree won this year’s race.

De Tree winning

Dee Tree Winning

The next day was packed with villa visits, and we saw many. Some of the standouts were Villa Kishti, Shutters on the Beach, Kamique-Triton and Tequila Sunrise. Kishti is a very private-feeling villa on the north shore of the island with great ocean views; great for couples or a multigenerational group. There is a beach within walking distance of the property and the villa staff will happily arrange for you to spend the day there very comfortably on loungers etc. Shutters on the Beach is as the name suggests: on the beach and faces south to St Martin so you will always have something to look at during the day (the ferries coming and going and at night, the twinkling of the lights of St Martin). Kamique-Triton is a wonderful six bedroom villa on the southern side of the island (facing St Martin) and has neighboring villas that share a beach (similar style) which can all be rented together for a larger group. Tequila Sunrise also faces St Martin and has a beach within an easy walk from the villa.

shutters on th ebeach

Shutters on the Beach

shutters pool

Shutters on the Beach

kishti 2

Villa Kishti

After our first day, we were treated to dinner at the villa by a chef who prepared a lovely-tasting menu of seven courses, which we enjoyed with our wonderful on island partners!

Our second day on the island included more tours of villas and some stunners! We visited Arushi on the beach near the Cuisinart Resort and golf course (a stunning villa with five bedrooms – great for four couples), Cerulean (unbelievable for a large group that would like a lot of toys and a very elegant atmosphere) and a villa brand new to the rental market – and quite possibly one of my new favorite villas in all of the Caribbean – Santosha.





There are also some really great restaurants on Anguilla. When not having an in-villa chef (which our Concierge will happily arrange for you) I suggest you try out Straw Hat at the Frangipani Resort on Meads Bay (I went twice this trip), Tramonto (really good Italian food on the beach – great for a romantic dinner), Blanchard’s and Blanchard’s Beach Shack and The Viceroy (Sunset Lounge for cocktails or Bamboo Bar and Grille for lunch – really good conch fritters!).

Anguilla may sound like it is far away and harder to get to than one may think. You can easily fly to St Martin and take a public ferry (short taxi ride from the airport to Marigot) or you can take the private charter near the airport. You can also fly into Anguilla. Either way, it is MUCH easier than most imagine and once you get there, the beaches are so pristine white and the water so crystal clear; all you will want to do is float and nap in the sun! That’s what I do when I am there.

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