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July 31, 2015

yogaIf Bali happens to already be on your shortlist of consideration for your next vacation, excellent choice! If it isn’t, toss the list and listen up. If you happened to glance at my last article detailing the romantic atmosphere that awaits you on the unique Indonesian island, then you’re already familiar with the famous beaches, incredible sunsets, unique dining experiences and jaw-dropping spa prices…but what you don’t know yet is how truly relaxing a trip to Bali can be if you let it.

If this is your one-and-only vacation this year, you may be in need of some deep exhalations and R&R that the incredible service here in Bali can offer you. Even if it’s a special occasion trip, or simply a quick weekend getaway, it’s nice being able to leave your plans in capable hands. This is where the Balinese shine. Their grasp on the English language is remarkable. Not that their native language pleasantries aren’t fun to learn while you visit, but you can leave a conversation with confidence that no important detail from your question, request, or instruction goes completely misunderstood.

Villa chef

If you’re staying at a staffed villa, you’ve hit the jackpot. Interacting at a level that is up to you, the staff insures your utmost comfort and pleasure during your stay. The villa is kept immaculate. For a small fee on top of the grocery bill they can keep the refrigerator stocked for you, and in some cases, even include or offer chef services that prepare exquisite meals in-house at your direction. It’s so helpful to be able to walk up to your staff to resolve a problem quickly rather than calling and waiting. Staff retention is high in Bali so most head-of-staffs have been employed at your villa for 5-25 years and know it like the back of their hands.

Villa staff

Now back to the deep exhalations. Bali is a yogi paradise. There are yoga workshops, training courses, and even traveling trainers that will host private classes at your villa. If relaxation is on the top of your list, open up your chakras and get ready for some sunrise salutations. Even if it’s your first time, the deep, rhythmic breathing and exhaling, the stretching, the music… it aids in letting go of the worries and work the “everyday” has waiting back at home for you. All yoga instructors are happy to tailor the class individually for different skill levels, so no need to be intimidated.

And listen, if you just read that and are one of those thinking, “ugh, yoga, no thanks!” – take my tip from my last Bali article and hit the spa, or better yet, have them come to you. Services of all kinds, Balinese spas are fantastic and overwhelmingly affordable.  If spa services help you unwind, you will be transported to island heaven.

But please don’t take MY word for it; book your ticket now and find out for yourself!

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