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July 08, 2015

Part 1

Ah, Bali. You know it well even if you’ve never had the chance to visit…and why is that? Because even if no one you know has ever set foot there, the travel magazines and TV channels gush about it, people use its name when imagining tropical trysts and fantasies, and (most importantly) the “well-to-do’s” and celebrities vacation there. And rightly so—Bali is incredible.

For an unbelievably affordable price tag, anyone can live the Balinese dream for a week or two. With luxurious villa rentals for a fraction of normal cost and massages and meals for mere dollars, get ready to splurge, because you can! Bali, though becoming more touristy every year, has timeless charm and exotic appeal. Home to volcanoes, beaches, jungles, craftsmen, and shopping galore, Bali offers much, much more than may meet the eye. It’s a place of romance, relaxation, and enough adventure to go around.

Let’s start with romance. If you’re not taking the kids this year (or don’t happen to have any) Bali can be a romantic paradise. The sunsets alone at places like Uluwatu and Tanah Lot Temple can be movie-kiss or proposal perfection, so don’t be surprised if you see either. These temples, built on jutted rocks and wave-beaten cliffs beside the Indian Ocean, are just two of many places to stroll hand-in-hand with your love and snap gorgeous memories of your silhouettes in the sunset.


Though just being close to the ocean is nice, being right on the beach is better.  If you’re lucky enough to have a villa against the shore, be sure to take advantage of it and take your meals on your deck to appreciate the view.  If you’re not as fortunate, dry your eyes because in Jimbaran (famous for its seafood) you can have a freshly caught Seafood dinner by candlelight RIGHT on the beach, just feet away from the rhythmic waves.


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Can’t get enough of the beach? Hit Dreamland Beach, made famous by movie Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts, or the gorgeous Sanur Beach.  Many of the beaches in “villa country” (Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Jimbaran, & Canggu) are largely empty and very secluded. All the beaches in Bali are public, though it may not seem that way, so don’t feel uncomfortable when finding a spot to sunbathe even if it seems too good to be true.

Speaking of too good to be true…the massage prices. Bali is home to excellent and an abundant amount of spas. Even some of the more renowned spas will still have your mouth agape when looking through their service menu. massageThe prices are amazing. If the aim of this trip is bonding and romance, then be sure to get a couples’ massage (or three or four). The spas services are generally the same upon location, but the setting can vary from a candlelit room of incense and gentle music to beachfront to even poolside at your own villa. The options are endless as there are spas almost around every corner of the touristy sections of Bali.

Even those bringing family can enjoy the romance Bali has to offer, because it is innately that—romantic. Everyone deserves to be spoiled, enamored, and flourished with attention now and then.

If you ask me, make it now, and make it in Bali.

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