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June 01, 2012

The easternmost island in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles, Barbados is one of the few sovereign island countries in the Caribbean.  Barbados was first discovered and claimed by the Spanish in the 1400s, first appearing on a Spanish map in 1511.  In 1624, the English under James I took control of the island and officially made it a British colony.  This British influence can still be felt in Barbados culture, with some establishments even still serving afternoon tea.

Barbados’s landscape is relatively flat, especially in comparison to the nearby Windward Island, although the island’s interior does rise into a rugged highland region.  The island’s capital city of Bridgetown is home to the majority of the island’s residents, with other major towns including Holetown, Oistins, and Speightstown.  Barbados boasts a gorgeous tropical climate, with mild temperatures, balmy sea breezes, and endless tropical sunshine, and its stunning natural scenery has earned it the nickname of “the gem of the Caribbean.”  Combining a sophisticated culture and lifestyle with unparalleled natural beauty, Barbados is the perfect destination for your dream Caribbean getaway.

Barbados is famous around the world for its spectacular white-sand beaches, with the more secluded beaches situated on the island’s west coast and the popular public beaches on the east coast.  On the west coast, some of the most popular beaches include Gibbs Beach and Mullins Beach.  For those who enjoy surfing, the southern coast of the island provides perfect areas for surfing, and a number of international surfing competitions are held there every year.  Off the coast of these spectacular tropical beaches, the azure waters surrounding Barbados offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy a virtually endless variety of water sports, including boating, parasailing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sailing.  Other popular recreational endeavors include hiking through the island’s lush interior landscape, horseback riding along the beach, or golfing on one of the island’s championship golf courses.

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