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July 08, 2014

Poolside at La Veduta di Vertine | Tuscany, Italy

If you’ve never considered renting a villa before, now is the time to consider all of the many advantages only a private home can provide.  Villas are unique in that they are offered in gorgeous locales all over the world and are seemingly designed just for you!  Oftentimes, they are set in dramatic countrysides such as Tuscany, snow-capped ski resorts such as Aspen, or balmy beachside tropical locales such as Hawaii and the Caribbean.

A villa holiday combines the luxury of a world-class resort vacation with the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Villas are perfect for any type of vacation from romantic getaways to family gatherings, as the homes usually feature 1-20 bedrooms, living rooms, fully-equipped kitchens, and outdoor areas.  Depending upon their location, they will usually include the added bonus of their own private fireplace, veranda, a Jacuzzi or pool.  Villa rentals are generally equipped with amenities and some include or can arrange for a dedicated staff to attend to your every need. Villa vacations can provide a great value and convenience for every vacationer, from couples to families to large reunions or corporate retreats.

A major reason people choose a villa instead of resort is because they really enjoy the privacy and space that a villa provides.  With a villa rental, there is no need to worry about dressing up for meals or whether the children are too noisy.  It’s a very relaxing experience.

For twenty five years, Villas Caribe/Travel Keys has had the privilege of working with clients in securing the perfect villa in the perfect destination that meets all of their personalized needs.  Time and time again, we’ve had the honor of being so richly rewarded with clients returning and calling to share how special their vacations and experiences have been for them and how treasured their memories are.

Here are  the factors that consistently rank as the top benefits to renting a private villa versus a hotel or a resort:


Villas are typically private, freestanding homes so neighbors are not on the other side of a hotel wall.

For honeymooners, the Over the Rainbow villa provides a private home and a private full-sized pool, starting at just $230/night.

For larger families/groups with more substantial budgets, the Thousand Waves villa in Maui provides a complete and private retreat.


Villas are going to be much larger than even the largest hotel suites.  They are going to have at least one bedroom (and most are generally 3+ bedrooms), a full living/dining area and full kitchen.  If the villa is located in the tropics, 99% of the time there is the added luxury of having your own private pool.

The 10 bedroom, staffed beachfront Cove Spring House on Barbados certainly provides plenty of room for large groups and family reunions.

The 9 bedroom beachfront villa Sand Dollar Estate on St. Thomas can actually sleep up to 24 guests.


Sand Dollar Estate | St. Thomas


Traveling with children can be a challenge and most would agree that it’s less than ideal trying to contain children in a small hotel room and accommodate their play, thirst and hunger needs.  With a private villa, children have plenty of space and freedom to romp and enjoy themselves, and let’s face it: happy children make happy parents.  Plus, the villas all have full kitchens so there is the added bonus of being able to prepare their snacks or meals as needed.


Additionally, depending upon the location, many of the properties are going to have their own private pool and, oftentimes, even children’s play equipment.  A particular favorite with families with young children is the Summertime villa in Jamaica, which offers six bedrooms and is incredibly family-friendly with amenities to include the following:

 *Large private pool

*Children’s sandbox with wading pool, sand toys & umbrellas for shade

*20′ X 130′ putting green: 9 holes, balls and putters provided or bring your own

*30′ X 60′ Volleyball Court

*Half Basketball Court: 50′ X 57′

*Regulation-size tennis court


Enjoying a dip in the privacy of your own pool is certainly one of the top benefits of renting a private villa.


Most people are surprised to learn that renting a villa is generally much more economical than staying in a hotel.   Additionally, the economy of the villa increases the larger the family/group.  For example, in Tuscany, the Villa di Corsano has 10 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 20 guests with a private pool, and at certain times of the year, rents for $10,744/week, which equates to $537/per person per week or roughly $76/person/day.

In family-friendly Breckenridge, Colorado, those seeking a winter wonderland can stay at the stunning Grace Manor, which offers five bedrooms that can accommodate up to 12 guests during the prime winter season for $8050/week, which equates to $670/week per person or $95/person/day.


Grace Manor | Breckenridge, Colorado

The value of a renting a villa/home isn’t just found in the breakdown of the cost of the property.  Since the villas have their own kitchens, there is the further opportunity to economize by enjoying beverages, snacks or meals at the property and not paying outrageous hotel charges.  Again, to use Jamaica as an example, all of the villas on the island include the services of a full staff – to include a cook.  Most guests take advantage of having the cook and dine in at the villa since they can enjoy sumptuous meals in the privacy of their villa.  Typically, guests find that if they enjoy three full meals per day at the villa, they typically will spend approximately $60-$65 USD/adult (this can obviously vary up or down depending upon menu selection).  That works out to about $20/meal, which again is much less than you would spend at a hotel or restaurant and I can assure you from personal experience, these are hefty portions!



Villa Upni Duniya | Thailand

Certainly, there are many who have very high-stress careers and are in dire need of vacations that serve as a complete escape from reality and all worldy cares.  Villas to satisfy these needs exist to pamper and set the bar for those who desire nothing but the best.

The 13 bedroom Casa Aramara in Punta Mita is extremely exclusive and provides a private 5-star residence for the ultimate in enjoyment.

In summary, there really isn’t anything to compare to the unabashed luxury of renting your own private villa.  Renting a villa allows you to choose the best setting for your trip and indulge all of your specific needs and interests than simply booking a room a the best local hotel.

When you choose to rent a villa through Travel Keys, you can be assured that you will receive personalized attention and service from an experienced Villa Specialist and Concierge who have traveled to the various destinations.  The professionals at Travel Keys are able to assist you in creating a unique and customized experience based on your individualized needs.

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