May 27, 2016

Exhilaration and heart-pounding excitement await you! Don’t take another mediocre vacation, but spend your quality time enjoying the great outdoors.  Prepare to be amazed when you experience outdoor adventures in Belize, Sri Lanka, or Kenya


ziplining in BelizeBelize lies in beautiful Central America, and offers an abundance of outdoor adventures for the visitor.  Of course, it includes amazing beaches with long stretches, such as Placencia, Hopkins, or South Water Caye.  You haven’t lived until you’ve walked barefoot along one of these gorgeous beaches, or explored one of the 200 offshore islands in the area.

Even the weather generally cooperates! Average temperatures from May to September average about 81 degrees fahrenheit, and November to January averages 75 degrees fahrenheit.  You’ll crave the outdoor time as much as possible.

It’s also home to the Blue Hole, the largest sinkhole in the world. It’s one of the top dive sites in the world, also.  This amazing spectacle is over 400 feet deep, and more than 1000 feet wide!

If you want adventure, you can surely find it in Belize.  Try the cave tubing and ziplining near Belize City.  Float through Caves Branch River into caverns sure to delight, then move onto ziplining.  These zipline cables extend up to 1200 feet, and will definitely raise your pulse in excitement!

You can also try ziplining at Dangriga, which boasts the longest zipline in all of Belize!  You’ll have a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous rainforest canopy, and won’t go home saying you didn’t have an adventure.

In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to take in all the outdoor adventure that awaits in Belize.  From fishing, waterfall rappelling, scuba diving, snorkeling, and so much more.  It’s also a paradise for bird watching, as over 500 species of birds make Belize their home.  You don’t want to miss this unique place!

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Sri Lanka

cycling in Sri Lanka

If you’ve never visited Sri Lanka, now is a great time to change that! Abundant outdoor activities make this an ideal place to vacation.  If you enjoy surfing, definitely don’t miss the beautiful Ahangama beach. This area boasts the best waves in Sri Lanka.

If you’d rather have a more secluded piece of paradise, visit the Tangalle Beach, which lies on the southern tip of Sri Lanka.  Expect gorgeous white sand and amazing turquoise water when you visit.  Plus, it’s not been widely discovered by tourists, so you’ll have a bit more privacy.

In fact, you’ll never get bored with the fabulous beaches in Sri Lanka.  The coastline extends 1340 km, so you have plenty of opportunities to surf, swim, fish, snorkel, dive, or any other watersport you could desire.

Don’t miss some of the other great outdoor adventures Sri Lanka offers!  Cycling offers a great chance to see the gorgeous countryside, and is very popular in Sri Lanka.  Chameera Cycling, near Galle, offers a great variety of services and tours for cyclists.  You can choose from lagoon and village cycling, or a mountain bike ride to a working tea plantation, (which includes a dip in the cool water heading out of Hayare Rain Forest,) a tour for families, or choose to cycle to Galle Fort, which is a unique UNESCO world heritage site.

Another amazing aspect to Sri Lanka is the wildlife.  It’s a wildlife lover’s paradise, in fact! And you can look for views of this glorious wildlife at the innumerable national parks in Sri Lanka.  One of these is Yala National Park, home to about 30 leopards.  You can also see sloth bears during the months of June and July.

Another great national park, Uda Walawe, boasts around 500 elephants.  It’s a spectacular place to see both jungle and grasslands, as well as experience great birdwatching opportunities.  Look for the changeable hawk eagle, serpent eagle or the grey-headed fish eagle.

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Safari in Kenya

Kenya offers a plethora of outdoor fun for the adventurer.  It may not require a special skill, but walking the countryside can bring great enjoyment.  Businesses such as Kenya Walking Safaris make it even more exciting, and give you a glimpse into the unique landscape that is truly Kenya.

Kenya also has an abundance of national parks, or you could book a safari to view the wildlife and other sites.  It’s a photographer’s dream come true! One of the notable national parks is Hell’s Gate National Park, so named for geothermal activity.  Stunning scenery such as cliffs, volcanoes, and plumes of steam make it magnificent.  Visitors enjoy cycling, rock climbing, and the natural spa.

Also enjoy the beaches of Kenya.  The water is warm year round, so diving is perfect whenever you go!  There’s an amazing coral reef that draws people in every year, as well as other abundant underwater creatures.  Snorkeling is also popular.

You can even enjoy your golf game while you’re in Kenya! You can expect about forty golf clubs, including courses right on the coast.  You can even take a golfing sarafi, where you can meet others who enjoy golfing.

Another great outdoor activity is rafting, which Kenya is known for.  You can raft down the Tana River which provides a perfect mix of calm water with the more exciting rapids.  You don’t want to leave this out of your vacation plans!

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