March 30, 2016

Claim your own corner of paradise this April!  Spend your vacation making memories to last a lifetime.  Fully devote yourself to this cause when you stay in Bali, Punta Cana, or Paris.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali Spa TreatmentExperience Bali, Indonesia this April to get a rare glimpse of heaven on earth.  Most days the temperature hovers near 85 degrees fahrenheit, and the region averages 68.5 inches of rain per year.

However, your best time to visit Bali begins in April, because the dry season starts. During this time, humidity is more bearable than during the preceding rainy season.  And while a stray rain shower isn’t impossible, the duration is diminished compared to the months before.

What else makes Bali so magnificent? Starting with the glorious spas! Bali’s world famous spas provide you with unrivaled pampering and relaxation! You’ll definitely want to partake in a therapeutic massage or facial treatment while you’re in Bali.

Also, don’t miss the gorgeous beaches, with warm water and sunshine year round.  April, in particular, happens to be a less crowded month.  Perhaps that would afford you the opportunity to learn to surf.  What a gorgeous place to do so!

To get a true feel for the culture of the region, visit some of the historic temples.  The area boasts over 20,000 of them, but some are truly standouts.   Especially see Taman Ayaun, built in 1634, and declared an official UNESCO site.  You can walk around the grounds and take photos. And definitely visit Tanah Lot, a temple by the sea, to join the others in watching the stunning view of the sunset from this location.

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana SunriseAnother spectacular April destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  During April the average high temperatures are 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and 72 degrees fahrenheit for the low.  Year round average equals about 80 degrees fahrenheit. Absolute perfection! And the average rainfall for April is 3.35 inches, or approximately five days with some rainfall.

April makes an excellent choice for a vacation in Punta Cana.  Although the weather remains beautiful, it’s not peak season.  So no fighting the crowds!  It also avoids the typical hurricane season for the Atlantic, which runs from June to November.

More stunning beaches delight visitors to this region, including Macao Beach, Cabo Engaño, the area around Catalina Island, and so much more.  Opportunities abound for snorkeling, diving, swimming, boating, or lying on beautiful beaches.

Also enjoy the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve to learn more about the land.  Walk the gorgeous nature trails, leading to any of 12 freshwater lagoons.  Learn about the native wildlife, as well as the plants and flowers.  Even see an iguana habitat, along with a petting zoo and a fruit tree garden.  Definitely a peaceful and informative way to spend some of your time.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, visit Zipline Canopy Adventures for a chance to view nature from a completely new altitude.  Such an exhilarating and unforgettable way to spend a bit of your vacation!

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Paris, France

Medici Fountain Paris, FranceImagine yourself in Paris, France! And this April, you can do more than imagine! Amaze yourself with Paris during April, when the temperatures get warmer every day, but rarely exceed 75 degrees fahrenheit.  Daily temperatures range from average highs of 62 degrees F to average lows of 46.  As for rainfall, one could expect just under two inches in a typical April.

As an added bonus, Paris’ daylight increases throughout the month of April, with each day getting a bit longer than the previous.  From the first day of April until the end, the average time of daylight increases by 1 hour and 39 minutes.  More time for you to enjoy the wonders of the city!

During the mild weather, enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible.  See the River Seine, which flows through the heart of Paris.  You can take a leisurely stroll, enjoy some gorgeous photo opportunities on the bridges, or sign up to ride on one of the cruises.

Paris also abounds in beautiful parks, with one of the best being Luxembourg Gardens.  Constructed in 1612, this lovely garden area boasts a large pond, apple orchards, an orchid greenhouse, many statues, and the Medici Fountain.  You can also count on fun activities, such as children’s rides and slides, remote controlled boats, and puppet shows for the kids.  Also look for free concerts on some weekends!  It’s especially gorgeous and active during the spring months, such as April.

If you appreciate a city fair, the  Foire du Trône kicks off in late March, and goes on through late April at the Pelouse de Reuilly.  This traditional fair includes carnival rides and the food normally associated with carnivals.  As an added item of interest, they’ve been having this annual fair since the 12th century!

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