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November 13, 2014

Deja View Bunk Room

It was just a typical day at Travel Keys in August when my colleague, Adam, sent us all an email containing new photos for a property on St. John that’d been off the rental market for quite some time. As I scrolled through the pics, the photo of the bunk room brought my quick glances to an abrupt stop… and I just sat there and stared. I stared and thought intently about which bunk would suit me best if I ever had the opportunity to stay at this amazingly renovated villa. I then assigned the remaining beds to my close friends. He and I exchanged a couple of brief emails about Deja View, formerly Vistaero. I giggled like a school girl – I was smitten! I had a new crush. Imagine my surprise when I learned that I would actually get to stay here the following month during my trip to St. John!

It was my first time to the island – I know, I know. You don’t need to say it. I was the newb; though I have done quite a bit of traveling, I was a first-time visitor to the Virgin Islands. You could probably tell by the way I reacted to the roads on the way up to Rendezvous Bay. My co-worker and I arrived in the early evening and by the time we obtained our rental jeep and bought the necessities at the market, the sun, in all its golden glory, descended and silently disappeared underneath the ocean. On our way up, there was one hairpin turn in particular that caused me to pick my heart up from the floor of the jeep and shove it back into my chest. The turn was 10 times scarier in the darkness. Needless to say, we soon discovered that we could also reach the villa by taking Centerline Road to Gifft Hill rather than South Shore Road. #winning


Welcome Home!

We finally reached Deja View, just minutes from Cruz Bay, and as we drove through the dark of night and approached the driveway while listening to the best soundtrack of tree frogs and crickets, we were greeted with a beautiful, colorful, motion-sensored sign that lit up, welcoming us home. The giggles returned. I again morphed into a pre-pubescent school girl; I was only moments from uniting with my new crush. I almost felt the need to check my hair and makeup.

After unloading the car, we illuminated the villa and high-fived each other. It. Was. Stunning! It had the feeling of a sophisticated discothèque, perfect for a nighttime gathering with family and friends. Deja View offers exquisite outdoor spaces, abundant with lounge chairs, a large, outdoor dining table, BBQ grill, a hammock, and a bar with an outdoor refrigerator, sink, ice maker and a perfect outdoor sound and light system. This was only the top level! The pool and Jacuzzi put on a light show that dazzled the eye. Perfection.


The Night Scene


Outdoor Seating

We decided to explore the rest of the villa. To the left of the pool is one of the entrances to the living/kitchen/dining space. As you enter, a half bath is presented to your left. No need to feel for the light switch. There is a motion sensor that turns the light on and off (this is true for many of the rooms in the villa). What convenience! The laundry room is also on the lefthand side next to the half bath. Here, you will find a washer, dryer and plenty of beach towels. The kitchen is expansive and had everything one would need to prepare a meal or hire chef service. Literally… it has EVERYTHING. I envisioned a family vacationing here during a holiday; preparing a meal together as the huge kitchen island is perfect for that and beautiful memories could be made here as family surrounds it. A large, open-air living room was a step or two down from the kitchen. From here, we were easily able to control the surround sound from our iPODs and iPADs… i-everything. Make sure to open up the sliding doors to enjoy the fantastic Rendezvous Bay breeze. There is also a screen door to keep any unwelcomed intruders out. This is key for me as I am very entomophobic. An indoor dining table is available but we made no use of it. We loved dining outdoors!

There are two bedrooms on the pool level, including the master. There is an exterior staircase at the villa’s entrance that takes you down to the remaining four bedrooms. As you descend, a light automatically flicks on to guide you. On the righthand side, you will find table tennis with faux grass underneath, as well as the bunk room. Mind = blown. If an “older” (and I use that term loosely) woman such as myself could be so giddy when opening the doors to this room, imagine what reaction your children may have! It would be precious! The bunk room is equipped with a large, 70″ television and pool table. Each bunk offers privacy curtains, a reading lamp, an outlet for charging and each is named by one of St. John’s beautiful North Shore beaches. Parents, you can lock the kids in this room and enjoy “adult” time upstairs. The kids will be entertained for hours!

Next, we explored the other three bedrooms. Each is identical with minimal differences, mainly color schemes and some had backdrops behind headboards that lit up but all bedrooms are equipped with large, flat screen TVs, walk-in closests and bathrooms with dual sinks. Everything is quite high-tech. It took me a couple of days to realize that I did not have to force-close the toilet seat. They are slow-closing on their own. There are also large loungers on the bottom floor where one can sit and enjoy a cup of morning coffee. That evening, I enjoyed watching the lights of St. Croix in the distance.


The Blue Room

After a long day of traveling and after being satisfied with my blind date (the villa was everything I expected and more), I settled into my chosen room. I decided to spend my time on the bottom level in the “blue room”. I took a long, hot shower and jumped into bed. I melted. The pillowtop mattress… felt like I was laying on a cloud. The pillows and sheets were amazingly soft – thank you, Egyptian cotton, and fit every part of my body just right.

Morning Visitor

I unintentionally woke up around 6:30 a.m. – who does that?? The sun was coming up so I stepped outside and literally gasped. It was my first time seeing the island in the light of day. I appreciate simplicity and beauty in the world and I promise you, I cried. The view was simply sensational. I could see the turquoise/green hue of the water below (the header image of this blog was one I took that first morning) and Ditliff Point just to the left. I sat on a large lounger and let the breeze carry my thoughts away. I sank into a light slumber but was awakened by rustling just below. Like in a Disney movie, a deer appeared out of the brush. I was half expecting the trees and flowers to break into song. We held eye contact for a few moments before it scurried away. Truly, I wish I could sit there all day but alas, there was work to be done.

I cannot say enough about Villa Deja View. The transformation is unbelievable and I highly suggest this property for ANY group: couples, friends, for families with children. This would be a GREAT choice for a girlfriends’ getaway as well. The villa can sleep up to 17 and is one of the few properties on the island to sleep such a large group, all at a wonderful rate for what the villa offers! Deja View is one of those villas that you never want to leave. Enjoying the sights and sounds of the day – or another suggestion I would make of shutting the technology and lights down at night and staring up at the beautiful stars in the sky – Deja View is the epitome of a fantastic, self-serve villa vacation rental and maintains its identity as my current villa crush. <3

View of Ditliff Point

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