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June 03, 2015

Where else in the Caribbean can you enjoy a long evening that combines a fabulous dinner, lots of wine and champagne and a cabaret-style night club? Why, Le Ti on St. Barts of course!


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For those in the “know”, Le Ti is a remarkable and mythical place that is not to be missed during a stay on this ever-chic island. The decor is very bohemian and unique with its crimson velvet walls, feathered chandeliers, cherubic white statues and soft candlelight. Diners sit at tables with elaborate chairs as well as comfortable banquettes scattered with plump cushions.  It’s a very, very intimate atmosphere.

The magic of Le Ti stems from a fabulous trio of people. The owner, Carole Gruson, has been welcoming diners and guests to this unique spot located in the exclusive Point Milou area for over 17 years. Her high energy and gregarious smile are contagious. The same chef, Pascal Giglio, has been providing original menu selections since the restaurant’s inception and resident, Franck, has been the DJ for just as long. As a trio, they work their magic.


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Dining options include filet of beef with truffles, fresh fish and descendant desserts that carry such risqué names as “Nauty Thighs”. During dinner, guests will be treated to a delightful fashion show by gorgeous young women wearing resortwear and lingerie and all of the clothes are available for sale in the boutique at the back of the restaurant.

What makes Le Ti legendary, however, is what transpires after dinner! The restaurant is turned into a high-energy cabaret show where the handsome young waiters and stunning young women servers all don a variety of costumes (think Wild Wild West, Super Man etc.) and jump on the table and dance away. What adds even more excitement and drama is that the staff actively encourages the diners to grab a hat, a wig or a boa, jump up on the tables and dance to their heart’s content as well. There simply aren’t words to adequately describe the pure fun and abandon that everyone enjoys while they dance away their cares at Le Ti.

The island offers so many exceptional, private villas. St. Barts is a great destination – and not just for Le Ti. The island is known for its spectacular beaches, exceptional restaurants and boutique and high-end shopping. The island also boasts a phenomenal collection of villas available for rent.


La Danse des Etoiles

Some of our favorites include the spectacular Villa La Danse Des Etoiles -DOL which is located in the same exlcusive area of Point Milou that Le Ti is located. It offers spellbinding views and elegant and refined interiors. It’s a tropical oasis that offers modern furnishings with Asian accents, five fairly equal bedrooms, a heated pool and Jacuzzi, as well as a private gym.

Villa My Way is another extraordinary home featuring breathtaking,  panoramic views and a contemporary style. Located in Colombier and near Flamands Beach, the villa is an ideal choice for large groups with its five equal-sized bedrooms. As one would expect from a home of this caliber, it features all of the bells and whistles as well, to include a large, heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, living room – complete with a grand piano – fitness room with ocean views, professional kitchen and abundant outdoor living areas.

Choose a villa and be sure to enjoy at least one evening at Le Ti to enjoy its great food, jet set crowd of beautiful people and party ambiance. Just be sure to reserve both early!


Villa My Way

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