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September 29, 2015

The highlight of my month of August was a short business trip to Turks and Caicos.

I visited the island about 10-12 years ago and although on my previous visits I found the beaches outstanding, I didn’t really care for the island as I prefer mountainous islands; however, nothing could have prepared me to fall in love for this land of sun and sea.


La Koubba on Sapodilla Bay

The changes in 10 years were phenomenal and I have to give the government a thumbs-up. So far, they have done a great job with the development of the island. The roads are well-paved, there are some new shops by Grace Bay (Salt Mills and Ports of Call), more restaurants have opened up in various parts of the island, the food is 1st class and of course, let’s not forget the beaches and water, whose color I cannot describe. It’s like someone put some dye in it. It’s so blue, your eyes cannot believe it. None my photos could reflect the blues, even the clouds would turn blue! It was magical.

I had the pleasure of staying at La Koubba for four nights. This is a 7 bedroom villa on Sapodilla beach by Chalk Sound. It’s a very comfortable villa with Moroccan touches, very private, and minutes by foot to Las Brisas restaurant. It’s a perfect villa for a large group with kids or five couples.


I spent the next three days touring the island, visiting villas, meeting with our partners and getting to know Provo. These are some of my favorite villas:

Great value:

White Osprey: 2 bedroom villa, great for a family or two couples. Sweet villa, short walk to Babalua beach. Rates start at $400/night.



Conch Pearl: 3 bedroom villa on Grace Bay with a tennis court that’s shared. Very comfortable villa with an awesome BBQ area. Rates start at $785.71/night (this is along with the screened porch, my favorite spot in this villa).



Villa Moonshadow: 5 bedroom villa by Chalk Sound with water access. Comfortable, great for families. Rates start at $778.57/night.



Villas for families:

Villa Alexandria: 4 bedroom villa on the canal in Leeward. It’s a short walk to the beach and a comfortable villa with a dock. Rates start at $800/night.



Avalon: 4 bedroom villa on Grace Bay. Avalon is all about the common areas, great pool, awesome snorkeling by Smith’s Reef, open and pod floor plan – for older kids. Rates start at $1464.29/night.



La Koubba: 7 bedroom villa on Sapodilla Bay. Great beach for kids, all under one roof, very spacious and comfortable villa. Rates start at $1643/night (this was my bedroom; it has awesome breezes all night long!).



For large groups:

Casa V: 9 bedroom villa on Long Bay beach. The villa was under construction, however it’s a great villa for a large group. It will accommodate weddings of up to 75 people and can sleep up to 24 people. Lots of space, very spread out villa and it even offers a tennis court. Rates start at $2143/night.


Tamarind Beach Villa: 6 bedroom villa on Grace Bay. Perfect villa for couples or families as all the bedrooms are under one roof and equal. The pool has a kiddy side too. Rates start at $1471.43/night.



Beachfront villas:

Alizee: 5 bedroom villa on Taylor Bay. Private villa with plenty of space to hang out, beautifully decorated and with a nice kitchen. Rates start at $1175/night.



Conch Villa: New 3 bedroom villa on Grace Bay with a butler and daily maid service. It’s a beautiful villa with various areas to hang out and lounge. It’s perfect for three couples or a family. Rates start at $2250/night.



Aguaribay: 5 bedroom villa on Long Bay Beach. This is a brand new villa, modern, well designed for four couples with children. Rates start at $1857.14/night.



Fully staffed villas:

Coral House: 5 bedroom villa on Grace Bay. Absolutely gorgeous! All the details have been thought about! It reminds me of a Barbadian villa: it’s elegant, chic and luxurious. Rates start at $5500/night.



Villa Mani: 6 bedroom villa in Turtle Tail. It’s a hotel in itself. No need to ever leave the villa, everything is right there  on site. Rates start at $2475/night.



Stargazer: 6 bedroom villa on Babalua beach. Large, spacious and private villa that includes a dance studio, tennis court, gym and sauna. Rates start at $4750/night.



Waterfront villas (most of them are on the southern coast, either in Turtle Tail, Long Bay or Chalk Sound areas):

Breezy Villa: 3 bedroom villa in Long Bay, fully air-conditioned, comfortable villa with great breezes and water access into shallow waters. Perfect for a family or three couples. Rates start at $786/night.



Villa Lynda: 4 bedroom villa near Sapodilla bay. Love the comfort and feel of this villa. It has a nice, screened porch, large dining and living room, Jacuzzi, etc. This is perfect for a family or four couples. Rates start at $1107.14/night.



For couples:

Seacliff: 5 bedroom villa in Ocean Point. Masculine villa, very nicely decorated, lots of quiet areas to sit around, very peaceful area. Perfect for five couples. Rates start at $1000/night.



Paprika: 5 bedroom villa on Grace Bay. Elegant villa with five equal bedrooms. Rates start at $1257.14.



For Honeymooners:

Sea Edge: 1 bedroom villa on Grace Bay, perfect for honeymooners. It’s fairly private even if there are neighbors (Ocean Edge and Water Edge). Each villa has a pool, full kitchen and they are right on the beach in front of Smith’s Reef, as well as within walking distance to Turtle Cove with its restaurants and watersports. Rates start at $450/night.



Callaloo: 1 bedroom villa at the very tip of Grace Bay by the entrance to Turtle Cove. Private and very charming villa. It’s elegant and nicely done. Rates start at $424.29/night.



It’s actually hard to pick my favorites as they are all nice in their own ways and will fit a specific group or trip.

In terms of beaches, you cannot go wrong anywhere and truly the island is small so even if you are in Chalk Sound or Long Bay, you are still only about 10-15 minutes to Grace bay and many restaurants. Remember to get a car rental at the airport and yes, driving on the right side of the road with the steering wheel on the right is actually very easy (just watch out when you get home that you don’t get confused as to which side to drive on!!).


I absolutely love this island. I would be happy to share with anyone my recent visit and help travelers find the perfect home for their vacation.

In my next blog, you will find information on St. Croix, an island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me at or 877-815-1242 ext 109 should you have any questions about Turks and Caicos.

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