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December 17, 2015

You know the feeling. Your work inbox is flooded and paperwork is strewn all over your desk, the laundry is piling up at home, the kids covered themselves in peanut butter, you’re stuck in traffic; days are long, weekends are short and you just need a break. So take it. Hop online, book a ticket and GO! That was my exact plan (but not for the aforementioned reasons). A solo trip was calling and I answered. With a few open dates in my calendar after the Thanksgiving holiday and great airfare from Ft. Lauderdale for a quick, last minute getaway, my destination choice was a toss-up between Turks & Caicos and the Virgin Islands. After a heads-or-tails flip of a coin, I was heading back to St. John and Virgin Gorda.

There are a million and one reasons to love the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda. It is truly one of the most serene places I have visited and the absolute perfect destination for the type of getaway I was seeking. I previously spent just a couple of hours on the island when I dropped in on The Baths during a pit-stop while staying on St. John. I knew from those first few hours that I had to come back soon and stay a while. I was thrilled to return to Virgin Gorda and found a paradise within paradise at Sundowner Villa on Nail Bay.

From the moment I stepped off of the ferry, everything was perfect! I was met at the dock by the house manager and 20151130_092123a representative of the vehicle rental agency. After sigining a few documents, I was on my way to Nail Bay. The ride to the villa was brief and scenic. My eyes painfully stretched in opposite directions as I had one eye on Sonny before me and the other eye shifting to the left, taking quick glances of the beaches and beauty of the island. I wanted to stop every five seconds to take a picture but I knew there would be time for that later on. Once we reached the villa, I parked  at the top of the driveway near Sunset Watch, which sits atop Sundowner. There is plenty of space and vegetation between the two villas so privacy is no issue whatsoever. I was met by the sound of the ocean as I descended down the driveway. A couple steps down lead to Sundowner on the left and the steps continue on to Nail Bay Beach.

On Sundowner’s deck is an outdoor dining table, lounge chairs and perfectly sized pool with a waterfall that is automatically timed to turn off and on.

Entrance into Sundowner is through a screened sliding glass door. This allows for a great breeze throughout the day, no A/C needed. Not to mention that shutting the door cancels out the sounds of the waves. The entire space adequately suits one or two guests. I was delighted! There is A/C throughout as there is a unit in the living/dining/bedroom area as well as in the bathroom. The living room offers satellite TV, Wi-Fi, plenty of books (which I took advantage of), as well as an iPad with a nice music selection that guests have access to. The kitchen is well equipped and included (during my time of travel) a large array of cooking spices. One or two steps lead up to the comfortable King bed with satellite television and ceiling fan. 5615_sundownerbrImmediately off of the bedroom is the hallway and bathroom with closet, security safe, iron and board, many towels for bath and beach, as well as a bag one can use to carry items to any of Virgin Gorda’s incredible bays. The enclosed outdoor shower was a fantastic touch. Guests will also find a few starter items in the bathroom, such as soap, shampoo and conditioner. Photos of Sundowner, I feel, accurately depict the accommodation. I was extremely pleased with the villa and would readily suggest it to any guest.

After Sonny took the time to show me the ins and outs of the property and addressed my questions, I wanted to make a quick run to the market, which was back in the other direction we’d just come from. He explained to me how to reach and I smiled and nodded but literally, towards the end of the explanation of directions, I was so lost. I could have always stopped and asked the friendly people for directions but he happily took me all the way back down to town as I trailed behind him in my jeep to ensure that I found the market. He left me at the front door. THAT is service. I was so pleased with him and I know he would go above and beyond for clients.

What I also loved about Sundowner was its location. Nail Bay offers a nearby tennis court, the beach (dark sand pebble beach), the Sugar Mill ruins, and Sundowner is situated below Sugarcane Restaurant, which is a short walk away. Personally, I would make the walk during daylight hours as once night falls, there is no visibility. I could not even see my hand in front of me. I wound up driving up and parked on the street across the road from the stairs. A little over 50 steps will take you up to the restaurant where you will find good eats, drinks, and a swimming pool. I loved the décor and the atmosphere at Sugarcane.


Sugar Cane Restaurant at Nail Bay

My stay at Sundowner was absolutely perfect and I could not have asked for a better trip. I traveled solo and never felt unsafe, not even for a second. With wonderful amenities, a great beachfront location and its proximity to town and activities, Sundowner offers a true escape. It’s THE spot for romantic getaways, honeymoons or solo travel. I highly recommend it!


Nail Bay Beach in front of Sundowner




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