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October 31, 2016

I hadn’t been to St. Martin, Anguilla and St. Barth in about 8 years and I was overdue for a visit as I had lost my connection to these islands.

It was a short but amazing trip. I saw a lot of villas, few that I will highlight here for you, and I was able to appreciate some of the fun nightlife St Martin has to offer (that is a rare treat as most of my business trips are all about work, visiting villas and working some more).

I found St. Martin to be clean, well-organized and full of culture since it mixes French and Dutch with a sprinkle of Caribbean. The food is outstanding, from Lolo’s to gourmet restaurants, one can enjoy a variety of meals. The beaches are plentiful (37 to be exact) and they all offer a different experience, from the calm waters of Simpson Bay to the quiet beaches in Terres Basses, the waves of Dawn Beach to the upbeat Orient Beach with its beach bars.


Looking for relaxation? Look no further! Want a little excitement? Hit the bars and clubs at Maho Bay or Simpson Bay! No matter what you are looking for, St. Martin will provide the most amazing experience while relaxing in the tropics, blue skies and turquoise waters.

Favorite villas:

Mes Amis

Video link 


Eclectic villa on the cliff – Huge spaces as it can sleep up to 28-32 people – Perfect for a family reunion, friends traveling together, etc.


Video link


Contemporary villa – Perfect for 5 couples – The décor is thoughtful to the detail and flows very well – Elegant yet comfortable and a short walk to Plum Bay.

Esprit de la Mer

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Caribbean charm – Perfect for couples – 100% private and so quiet – Large pool (I stayed there for 4 nights – It was heaven!).

What else should you try?


Excellent restaurant in Cupecoy



Went for dinner but would imagine that lunch on the beach would be delightful too.

I went to Anguilla for the day. It was a quick in-and-out but it gave me the opportunity to see quite a few villas and to visit with partners I hadn’t seen in too many years.

Anguilla has 14,000+ inhabitants, two traffic lights, and couple of night clubs, flat land, calm waters, crystal-clear blues and soft sand. It also caters to those looking for an exclusive experience; no fast food, no high rise, many dirt roads, no cruise ships, great restaurants. Anguilla is peaceful, safe, quiet, slow-paced and a favorite to those who want to break away from life in the city.



Favorite Villas:

Kishti on Meads Bay


Contemporary, upscale, unique and elegant – Perfect for couples of families – Right on Meads Bay.


Coyaba Villa


Older villa – Caribbean flair – Well-kept – Spacious – Lots of dark wood and local accents – Short walk to a small cove.

Bird of Paradise

Video link


Personalized service – Short walk to a quiet beach – High-end villa.

Don’t forget to try the Roti, a local meat pocket for lunch!

Last stop was in St Barth. I lived there while in my 20s and I have fond memories of the island. I went the last week end of August and the island was shutting down for the season so many stores and restaurants were closed.


St. Barth is sophisticated, small and offers visitors a taste of St. Tropez in the tropics. Visitors love this rock of an island because they tend to feel sexier, taller, thinner, freer, etc. It has that kind of effect on those who step foot on St. Barth. It’s uniquely French! The food is amazing, the nightlife fantastic and the beaches, all 14 of them, are easy to access and different. My favorite is Gouverneur!


Favorite Villas:

La Danse des Etoiles

Video link


Luxurious villa – Top notch everything – Best for 3 couples – Super private. I Stayed here for 2 nights. This was my view at Sunset:



Villa Ixfalia

Huge pool – Great views on St. Jean – Lots of sun on the pool – Funky but elegant décor.


Not to be missed:

Lunch at La Gloriette

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