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July 14, 2014

The idyllic island of St. Barts is hosting its annual summer sessions music festival August 4-16, 2014. For almost two weeks, there will be 30 musicians from seven different countries and 40 concerts in 17 venues.

In 2009, the non-profit organisation “St. Barth Rocks” commenced the St. Barth Summer Sessions. An electro music rock music festival, it has begun to attract international recognition.

Artists scheduled to appear this August are Eitch (alternative, electronic, pop), Adam Lasher (Carlos Santana’s nephew and a talented guitarist and singer) as well as The Stereo Lights from Caracas (DJ ).

The concerts will be held at La Plage Restaurant, Maya’s, Bonito, Eddy’s Restaurant et L’Esprit, Tom Beach Hotel, Christopher Hotel, Hotel Isle de France , Toiny Hotel and the Taïwana Hotel.

For those fortunate enough to be traveling to St. Barts during August, enjoy the music!

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