June 08, 2016

Revel in astounding sunrises and sunsets, along with making sensational memories.  Experience summer 2016 with a passion unlike any summer before it!  Enjoy your summer vacation when you visit these spectacular locations:  Barcelona, Spain, or Niseko, Japan, or St. Lucia


La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Experience beautiful Barcelona, Spain this summer, and you’ll be stunned with all it has to offer.  Starting with the lovely temperatures in the summer, including lots of sunshine.  The July average low is 70 degrees fahrenheit, and the average high is 83 degrees fahrenheit.  Perfect for being outdoors!

With gorgeous temperatures and a bit of time, Barcelona is great fun to discover on foot.  So much of the city is filled with modernista architecture, especially by Antoni Gaudí.  You’re sure to be amazed by the impressive buildings, such as La Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and La Pedrera.  And those are only the beginning of a city packed with incredible buildings, both civil and religious.  You could walk an entire day, and never grow weary of exploring the wondrous architecture in Barcelona.

Another must see is the lovely Parc de la Ciutadella, which includes a boating lake, waterfall, and Barcelona’s zoo.  An amazing place for either families or couples.  The Barcelona Zoo is sure to thrill any animal or nature lover, and it’s so relaxing to view all the wildlife.

While in Barcelona, you truly need to visit Parc de Montjuïc, as well.  This area was established in 1929, and was also home to the 1992 Olympic Games.  Home to many marvelous museums that invite the viewer to enjoy a millenium of Catalan art.

Nearby is the stadium where the Olympic Games were held, as well as Arata Izosaki’s sports palace, and the sophisticated telecommunications tower designed by Santiago Calatrava.  And, don’t miss the magnificent botanical gardens for the most peaceful stroll through nature.

If you want something more lively, be sure and visit Tibidabo, which is a century-old amusement park lying in a gorgeous area on Barcelona’s northeastern slope.  You can find all your favorite rides, such as roller coasters, a classic carousel, bumper cars, flying chairs, Ferris wheel, and more.  Also enjoy the picnic area or restaurant when you’re ready to eat.  No doubt you’ll enjoy the leisure time to plan your next fun activity.

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Niseko, Japan

Fishing in Niseko, Japan

Expect abundant opportunities for enjoyment when you visit Niseko, Japan this summer! If you happen to love golf, it’s an amazing place to perfect your game.  Find opportunities at Niseko Village Golf Course, Niseko Golf Course, or many others.  And you’ll have the glorious Niseko countryside as your background during every game, which will definitely add charm to your game.

Another great summer activity you’ll enjoy is rafting.  Especially on the Shiribetsu River, one of Japan’s clearest rivers.  You can also canoe, if you’d like something a bit calmer.  But you’ll want to do it multiple times, because it’s just that popular for a reason!

Niseko also offers the perfect background for cycling, and you can rent a bicycle from various locations, such as Niseko Cycles.  You can always choose a tame route through the wildflowers, or take a more challenging route in the mountains.  You’ll definitely make outstanding memories of the sights and sounds of outdoors.

For true relaxation, try your hand at some fishing.  You’ll find an abundance of lakes and rivers in the area with many species of fish.  The Shiribetsu River, which happens to run through Niseko, boasts chum, red-spotted masu salmon, Dolly varden trout, and plenty more! Even if you’re an inexperienced fisherman, you’ll find it nearly impossible to leave the lake or river empty-handed in Niseko.  And even if you do, you’ll have such nice memories of the grand adventure.

Perhaps you’re hungry before you even start the adventure.  Thankfully, Niseko provides ample excellent choices for your palette.  The food is incredible! One such place is Niseko Supply Company, known for their amazing breakfast choices.  Amaze yourself with the buttery croissants, egg and bacon toasties, raisin breads, and pain au chocolat, which is chocolate bread.  You’re be sure to have energy for all the day’s phenomenal activities.

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St. Lucia

Pitons in St. Lucia

Breathtaking summers on St. Lucia will surely fulfill all your dreams about vacations.  Stunning Rodney Bay in the north offers traditional comforts as well as the gorgeous bay.  While southern Soufrière boasts old plantations and the astounding view of the Pitons, which are twin volcanic spires that provide endless photo opportunities.

Experience the rainforest adventure when traveling just thirty minutes east of Rodney Bay.  Enjoy the exhilarating zipline, or ride the aerial tram to get a close up look at the gorgeous rainforest.  You can even take a hiking trail and enjoy seeing various species of exotic birds.

Also near Rodney Bay, you’ll find the beautiful Pigeon Island National Park.  This 44-acre national park includes glorious beaches for swimming and various watersports, as well as offering a history lesson about St. Lucia.  You can even visit 18th century military ruins, which include a panoramic view of the ocean.

A definite sight not to miss is the Pitons, as mentioned earlier.  These volcanic spires rise from the Caribbean sea, located between Soufrière and Choiseul.  The larger is called Gros Piton, and the smaller Petit Piton, and many travelers enjoy hiking through the area.  Most climbers choose the Gros Piton, as the Petit Piton is very steep.  Although a challenging climb, even on the Gros Piton, views from the top are described as “breathtaking.”

If climbing is too strenuous, you can still walk the trails in the area.  You can get a guide from Gros Piton, or other similar agencies.  You can also take a boat out onto the water, and get a close up view of these majestic sights.

Another splendid site to see in the summer is the Diamond Falls, which includes a botanical garden and mineral baths.  Located in Soufrière, this will prove to be extremely peaceful and relaxing.  Experience the awe-inspiring waterfall, as well as walking through an amazing botanical garden that offers a plethora of exotic plants and other treats from nature.  Or enjoy a meal at the renowned Old Mill Restaurant.  Enjoy every minute of your summer vacation.

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