March 09, 2016

Make a splash during vacation this year. Beautiful bodies of water beckon you to jump right in! Experience the world’s best scuba diving or snorkeling when you visit Florida, Hawaii, Central America, Thailand, or Riviera Maya, Mexico.


Florida Scuba DivingCharter a boat from Lauderdale Diver in Fort Lauderdale and begin a grand diving adventure.  Comfortable water temperatures make this attractive no matter what time of year you arrive.

If you’d prefer snorkeling, they also accommodate your needs with trips beginning twice per day, on a boat with an amazing glass bottom.  If you’re a beginner, this is for you also! They provide instruction and equipment.

If you’re near Orlando, and would like to learn scuba diving, they have options for you.  The Dive Station trains beginners as well as instructors. Whether your needs are recreational or technical, they have training for you.  Also visit Crystal River Watersports for great opportunities to snorkel and dive.  Don’t miss the ultimate underwater adventures while you’re in Florida!

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Maui Scuba DivingExperience paradise when you vacation in Kapalua, Maui. And don’t miss the majestic underwater beauty! Opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving abound in this amazing oasis.  Tiny Bubbles Scuba offers classes and lessons for those who are beginners, as well as providing for the more experienced.

For underwater adventures near Maui, abundant beautiful places await your exploration.  You can see caves, turtles, beautiful rocks, coral and and so much more!

If you’d like to dive or snorkel near Puako, Big Island, stunning beauty is sure to please.  Puako Bay offers some of the best snorkeling on the entire Big Island.  See the reason why people from all over the world come to Hawaii to snorkel and scuba dive!

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Central America

Costa Rica SnorkelingWhen you vacation in Central America’s Costa Rica, you absolutely can’t miss the glorious underwater adventures that await.  In Guanacaste, be sure and visit Catalina Island, one of the top places to scuba dive and snorkel.  You might see any number of stingrays or whales while exploring.  You will surely be awed by the beautiful plant life, as well.

A treasure for divers and snorkelers awaits in Costa Rica! The easy visibility in these particular waters provide you with plenty of opportunities to view exciting sights.

Another gem of Central America, Belize, affords a variety of opportunities for snorkeling and diving.  See the lovely Barrier Reef while you’re exploring here, as well as a likely spotting of a manta ray or spotted eagle ray.

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Thailand Leopard SharkAccess amazing diving and snorkeling opportunities when you stay in

Choengmon, Koh Samui, Thailand! Even take a short trip by ferry to nearby Ko Tao, and experience what is arguably some of the best diving and snorkeling in all of southeast Asia.

When near Phuket Island,  don’t miss Coral Island and Similan Islands for great snorkeling.  Or for diving, take a day trip to nearby Phi Phi, or see Shark Point, where docile leopard sharks commonly swim. Shark Point also thrills the explorer with its beautiful coral.

Anemone Reef also delights visitors with its gorgeous blue and green anemones.  One of the most popular water areas in Thailand.

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Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya SnorkelingIndulge yourself when you vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico, especially when you enjoy the ample opportunities for scuba diving or snorkeling.  Exploring all the glorious reefs could keep you in the water for days!  You could also visit the well known Cozumel with just a short ferry ride.

If staying at Playa del Carmen, be sure and visit Playa Scuba if you want an organized experience when you do your scuba diving.  But perhaps you just want to snorkel.  Don’t miss Moche Reef or Inha Reef.  On a guided tour, you can expect to see dog face puffer fish or sea turtles, among others.

While you’re snorkeling or diving in Riviera Maya, you also can try nighttime diving.  Some species of fish only come out after dark, and using flashlights on the coral makes it appear even more beautiful.

Whatever time of day you come, don’t miss the beauty of the waters near Riviera Maya, Mexico! It will be a glorious experience not soon forgotten.

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