May 08, 2017

Close your eyes and picture yourself in a gorgeous location, free from all the stresses of everyday life.  Realize this doesn’t have to remain as mere fantasy! Travel Keys affords you a glorious opportunity to vacation in luxurious Hawaii, which will definitely fulfill all your dreams.  Enjoy the spectacular locations of Big Island, Kauai, Maui, or Oahu to create amazing memories!

Big Island

big island hawaiiBig Island, officially called “Hawaii,” exemplifies all the glorious reasons to visit this area of the world.  The entire island offers an abundance of great things to see and do, but some stand out as the most popular.

You’ll see why when you visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  Allow yourself plenty of time–maybe two days–to explore all 333,000 acres of amazing scenery.  Even if you simply want to drive through the park, you can take Crater Rim Drive.  This 11-mile trek takes you near Kilauea Caldera, which offers a splendid view of this active volcano.  Alternately, you could take Chain of Craters road, so you’ll go near the coast and possibly see lava entering the ocean from the caldera.

But if you want to get up close and personal, hiking definitely provides the opportunity to do so.  Some popular trails include Kilauea Iki Trail, Halemaumau, Thurston Lava Tube, Devastation Trail, and many more.  

Another must see for the Big Island involves the gorgeous beaches.  One in particular has been rated high by Conde Nast Traveler magazine many times, and that’s Hapuna Beach.  Very popular with locals as well as tourists, you won’t be disappointed with the golden sand and turquoise water.  

You can find many covered pavilions if you’d like to have a picnic, and it’s a perfect beach for a leisurely walk.  Depending on the time of year and the water conditions, snorkeling can be enjoyed.  It is an awesome place to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Another gem on the Big Island: Akaka Falls State Park.  This also involves hiking, but it’s short and not extremely difficult.  It’s definitely worth the effort when you see two gorgeous waterfalls, including Kahuna Falls and the amazing Akaka Falls.  You can expect to make the entire loop in less than 30 minutes, and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss!  

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KauaiIf you’re not familiar with beautiful Kauai, you’ve missed out long enough.  So much to do in this amazing place! Nicknamed “The Garden Island,” you won’t run out of beautiful places to see in this spectacular part of Hawaii.  

One simple, yet extremely enjoyable, activity involves taking in the scenery.  On this island, you can expect to see majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, lush vegetation, and gorgeous beaches.  Be sure to pull into the many observation areas available, because words and pictures can’t do justice to the abundant beauty of this area.

If you enjoy a game of golf, you can’t ask for a more perfect background than in Kauai.  No less than 10 golf courses on seven venues exist in the region, with a great variety of options.  

In fact, the whole North Shore offers a multitude of great things to do.  Another must see is Daniel K. Inouye Kilauea Point Lighthouse, which is a wildlife sanctuary as well as a perfect spot for whale watching.

An absolutely stunning area of North Shore is the Napali Coast.  This amazing area is filled with tall cliffs, glorious waterfalls, sea caves, and green valleys.  You can only get there via a hike, air, or boat tour.  It’s definitely worth the effort, because its magnificence will exceed your expectations!  

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MauiKnown as the “Valley Isle,” this lovely bit of paradise definitely delivers a great experience for the traveler. The gorgeous scenery alone makes it worth a visit, but there’s even more to see and do in Maui!

One beautiful Maui destination lies 15 minutes south of Hana:  the Pools of Oheo in Oheo Gulch.  These lovely pools are fed by multiple waterfalls, and form an amazing and tranquil area for relaxation.  

In that area, which is part of Haleakala National Park, explore many hiking trails that travel past gorgeous forests and more waterfalls.  You’ll definitely get a feel for the inherent beauty of the island when you hike these trails.  You also get an opportunity to see Maui’s highest peak in this area, as well as various other slopes.

Another spectacular benefit to vacationing in Maui involves the gorgeous sunset views from the Haleakala Visitor Center, which is at 9740 feet above sea level.  If it’s a clear morning, expect to be stunned at the glorious rising of the sun from the summit.  Even if you’ve gone before, it’s always a new and amazing experience.  

And of course the beaches of Maui offer an unforgettable experience, as well.  Kaanapali Beach is renowned for its beauty and an assortment of fun activities.  One activity involves the daily cliff diving ceremony, which happens at sunset.  It’s an awesome opportunity to see something out of the ordinary.

Other activities at Kaanapali Beach include a shopping complex called Whaler’s Village, along with a couple of championship golf courses for those who love the game.  Overall, it’s easy to see why it’s a signature beach for Maui.  

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OahuGorgeous Oahu has been called “the Gathering Place” and is the third largest island in Hawaii.  No shortage of natural beauty and enjoyable ways to spend your vacation.

One must see place is the Kapiolani Community College Farmer’s Market.  Expect to see multiple vendors selling everything from fresh flowers to local sweet potatoes and banana fritters.  You can even buy foods such as jam or coffee and take them home to remember your time in Oahu, or share with family and friends.  

You can also attend an authentic luau at Paradise Cove, while in Oahu, which includes things like stringing a lei, weaving a headband, or throwing a spear, and eating traditional local foods such as lomi salmon or kalua pork.  All this will give you a glimpse into Hawaiian history.  

Cuisines in this area vary greatly, due to the melting pot of cultures.  One fun event is called Eat the Street, and happens in Kakaako on the last Friday of each month.  Expect an abundance of food trucks with amazing choices such as malasada burgers, waffle dogs with cheese, or li-hing lemonade.  The event includes a live DJ and interactive events for the entire family.  

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