August 11, 2016

Each day provides opportunities for hundreds of choices, from what to wear to what kind of paper towels to buy. If you exert all your energy making the small choices, you can skimp on planning out the big things. Such as where to vacation this year! That doesn’t need to be difficult at all. Vacation in Asia this year! You’ll make a lifetime of glorious memories. Asia offers so many reasons why it’s the perfect destination.

Historic Sites

Temple in Indonesia
Visit Asia for the historic sites and unique temples. Southeast Asia provides opportunities galore to see World Heritage Sites, with 31 of them available. Amazing temples exist in Angkor, Borobodur, and Pagan, for starters. You can also find stunning landmarks, such as Mt Kinabulu. This lovely mountain, located in southeast Asia, is part of Kinabalu Park, which is also a World Heritage Site. Photos could never do justice to the glorious beauty of this area.


Komodo Dragon in Asia
Visit Asia for the diverse wildlife. Expect to see exotic birds in Papua New Guinea, Komodo dragons near Bali, and the orangutan in Borneo and Sumatra. If your wish is to encounter wildlife, you can surely find it fulfilled in Asia.


Beach in Thailand
Visit Asia for the beaches! Coastline opportunities abound in this area, including Phuket and Bali, as well as island hideaways in Vietnam and Cambodia. Even divers can find plenty of wonderful places to enjoy themselves, such as swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines.


People of Asia
Visit Asia for the people! The people of Asia are known for their hospitality and kindness. They like to provide excellent service, and love sharing their land with visitors.


Sushi in Asia
Visit Asia for the food! It’s not all ingredients that you can’t pronounce, either. Asians take food very seriously, and it’s evident by the high quality. Try Pho, in Vietnam. This noodle soup typically includes beef, and is absolutely delicious and filling. Of course, definitely don’t miss sushi from its source, in Japan. They use the freshest fish, and servings are much larger and thicker than what you’ll typically find in the United States. Other places with spectacular sushi include Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

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