March 18, 2016

Write a new chapter in your love story! Come away from your usual routine, and rekindle, or  even begin your romance when you vacation in St. Barts.  Love is truly in the air here!  Savor the best romantic locations.  Enjoy the best beaches, rent a yacht with your loved one, or dine at the loveliest restaurants. 

Beautiful Beaches for Couples

St Barts BeachEvery beach in St. Barts is gorgeous, but some are magnificent for couples.  One of only four of its kind in the world, Shell Beach definitely appeals to the romantic side. You can walk, hand in hand, collecting gorgeous shells, as there are literally millions to choose from!  Or if you’re ready for more adventure, try some cliff diving!

If you’re seeking a bit of privacy, and don’t mind a hike to get there, you definitely want to seek out Colombier Beach.  The walk takes only about 25 minutes, or you can get there by boat.  You can lie on the beach and relax, have a picnic, or take your snorkeling gear for a peek underneath the glorious blue water.  Definitely a romantic treat!

Yacht Rentals

St Barts Romatic YachtIndulge yourselves while you’re in St. Barts by renting a luxurious yacht to explore the island from a different perspective.  You can even get away with just the two of you, (and the boat crew, of course.)  Explore all the hidden areas that aren’t accessible by hiking or swimming, and create an unforgettable experience.

You can also dive and explore the abundant coral near the island, as well as other watersports.  St. Barts attracts many yachting events each year, as well.  So the romantic appeal of chartering a luxury yacht is definitely worth the splurge!

Romantic Dining Experiences

Romantic Dinner St BartsDelight yourselves when you visit Le Tamarin, well known for its French cuisine and fine dining atmosphere.  Eat amidst the tropical plants of a lush garden, and savor the conversation with your .

Bonito St. Barth offers another great romantic option for dining.  They serve a variety of food from seafood to steak or lamb chops, in addition to choice wines.  Enjoy your partner’s company by spending a romantic evening here.

Dine at L’Isola for fine Italian food, as well as prime meats and a large wine list.  Very elegant restaurant that will live up to your expectations for the perfect romantic evening.

And definitely don’t miss dining at Do Brazil, perched on top of the rocks, just off the edge of Shell Beach. From the restaurant, grab a gorgeous view of the sun setting over the turquoise water and the glimmer of all the shells in the light.  Definitely a stunning and awe-inspiring view that you and your loved one will always remember.

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