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February 09, 2016

Make 2016 spectacular! It doesn’t have to be another routine year. Transform the mundane year into the magnificent one. Don’t miss your chance to create memories to last a lifetime. Top three travel destinations in the Caribbean include St. John, St. Barts, and Virgin Gorda, all nestled into the Virgin Islands. These paradise destinations will bring joyful experiences to your year, and perhaps change your entire outlook on life!

St. John

St. John Villa RentalsPicture the beauty of St. John. As much as two thirds of this island is dedicated to a beautiful state park, with outstanding sights to behold. Even with that, you would never be far from upscale shopping boutiques, jewelry stores, and more. It’s a corner of the world unlike any other. See the Annaberg Sugar Plantation to get a glimpse into the agricultural history of this island, including a self-guided tour of restored ruins of the plantation.

Also see petroglyphs left behind from the Arawak Indians when you visit Reef Bay Trail. You might even see some of the island’s magnificent wildlife during your visit. And of course you can’t miss the amazing beach, the Caribbean cuisine, and the refreshing night life!

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St. Barts

St Barts Luxury Vacation VillasAnother gorgeous destination in the Caribbean–St. Barts. This amazing respite provides a lifetime of beauty and fun activities. Explore twenty two beaches, shop in Gustavia, (the gorgeous capital), or delight your tastebuds at a number of restaurants inspired by French fare.

Perhaps bump into rich and famous when you visit Baie de St.-John, where all the finest hotels and clubs are found. Also enjoy a pristine view of the sunset when you dine at Café Santa Fe, situated on a high point with a lovely view of the entire island.

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Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda Luxury VillasIf you can’t wait to pack, don’t forget to consider Virgin Gorda, another amazing getaway in the Caribbean. See nature’s elegance in the national parks, trails, and sanctuaries. Eight and a half square miles of paradise! See the most lovely white beaches one can imagine. Enjoy the Baths, with breathtaking views of the largest boulders you’ve ever seen.

If you want to get away in solitude, Virgin Gorda can provide that opportunity. You also won’t wish to miss Nail Bay Resort, which is perfect for snorkeling. For beginners, Mountain Trunk Bay would suit you perfectly. The entire island feels like a glimpse into heaven.

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Begin making amazing memories for 2016! You won’t regret time spent in any of these gorgeous destinations, and will likely find few experiences more awe inspiring!

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