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June 12, 2014

Staying in a villa is the perfect choice for families traveling with children.  No other accommodation provides the space, a private pool, a kitchen and the amount of freedom to enjoy each others’ company.

When choosing a villa for your family, there are some important considerations to discuss with your Travel Keys agent.  First off are the ages of the children.  Many of the villas (particularly in the Caribbean) are built in a West Indian style where they have the main house with perhaps the master bedroom, the living and dining areas, and the kitchen; the other bedrooms are spread out in separate cottages and not under the same roof.  Obviously, this type of layout is not going to work with a family with very young children.  Rest assured, our Travel Keys agents are very aware of this important factor and can guide you to villas that will work the best and help everyone feel secure.

Villa Lantano Layout | St. John, USVI

Another consideration is how many children are going to be traveling.  If there are a lot of children (typical when several families travel together), it’s often nice to choose a villa that includes the services of a staff.  Certain destinations include varying degrees of staff such as Anguilla, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Mustique, St. Lucia, and certain areas of Mexico and Costa Rica.  At the very minimum, a staffed villa would include the services of a cook.  Popular destinations like Barbados and Jamaica include not only cooks but housekeepers, laundress, and oftentimes, a butler. Professional nannies may always be hired for additional fees and your Travel Keys Concierge is happy to assist you with securing such services.

A staffed villa is particularly nice when you are traveling with children, especially quite a few children, because it gives the adults a chance to completely relax.  The parents and adults don’t have to be bothered with doing the laundry or worrying about making special meals for the children or even feeding them at different times.  The staff handles all of those concerns so it’s a wonderful experience for everyone involved.  The staff is notorious for being extremely affectionate towards the children so the children get to experience that extra level of care and they get to experience a different culture in a more firsthand way with the staff sharing stories and customs.  The adults get to fully enjoy their time as they don’t have to lift a finger and they can enjoy their time with their children even more as they are not distracted with the normal routines of cooking and picking up for them.  While no one can promise what any particular staff member may do above and beyond their normal duties, I can personally attest to the fact that the majority of the staff have someone, whether it be a gardener or a houseman, who generally goes out of their way to play with the children and take them on such exciting adventures as gecko hunts early in the morning.  Remember, professional nannies are available for hire and they can be either regular nannies or swimming-certified nannies.


Lorna in Barbados

Another consideration when traveling with children is whether the destination is a direct flight or if several flights are involved.  If children are very young, destinations with direct flights are generally going to be the best.  Many direct flights are found to Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and St. Thomas.

One of the most popular villa choices for families with children are villas located on great swimming beaches with plenty of sand and calm waters.  Some popular choices include any of the villas located along the West Coast of Barbados.  The sand on these beaches is powder soft and the water as calm as bathwater.  Some of our favorites for families include  Dudley Wood, and Oyster Bay.
On Jamaica, many of the wonderful beachfront villas for families are not only located on a perfect beach and boast a private swimming pool, but they also have tennis courts.  Some of our favorites include Four Winds and Sugar Bay.

The Turks and Caicos are a wonderful choice for families, and the island of Provo boasts spectacular beaches.  Anything located on Grace Bay or Taylor Bay is going to be an excellent choice.  The villas in the Taylor Bay area are particularly ideal as you can walk hundreds of feet out in the bay with the water only rising waist deep, so it’s perfect for children.  Favorites include Bahia Mar and Paprika Beach Villa.

If the children are old enough to handle more than one flight or a flight and then a ferry, then the beachfront villas at Mahoe Bay on Virgin Gorda are difficult to beat.  The homes are very casual and family-friendly and are located either directly on Mahoe Bay Beach or just a one minute walk to the beach.  The beach is a nice, long beach, which is perfect for running or playing Frisbee.  The reef is located in shallow waters and teeming with life.  Some family favorites are Sand Castle and Beachcomber.

The above are just a sampling of the many, many villas that are well suited for families.  Travel Keys offers exceptional choices for families throughout the world to destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Greece, and many other great locations.

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