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August 06, 2013


IGA on Leeward Highway vs. Grace Bay Gourmet in Grace Bay


Grace Bay Gourmet

I would recommend shopping at the IGA only if you are staying in Turtle Cove and Chalk Sound since it would be closer. Though IGA has many options, it’s a little overpriced compared to Grace Bay Gourmet. Grace Bay Gourmet is located right in the Ports of Call of Grace Bay, which is very convenient for properties in that area and Leeward. It looks brand new inside and most of the products there are slightly cheaper (except meats) than IGA. You would appreciate this shopping experience instead.

Wine Cellar

Coming from the airport, the Wine Cellar is located on the right-hand side of Leeward Highway. It is 5 minutes from the IGA supermarket. The Wine Cellar carries all sorts of liquor, wine and beer (American beer is insanely expensive: Coors Light 24-pack is $62.99), as well as a choice selection of Cuban cigars. If you’re in the mood for cigars, I suggest you go to the Cigar Shop in Salt Mills in Grace Bay for a better rate. If you are looking to make island drinks, I would recommend purchasing the local rum on the island: Bambarra. It tastes just as good as Barcardi but half the price! The store manager at Wine Cellar is super helpful and available to answer any questions you may have about stocked items and prices.


Bambarra – The Local Rum

Dining Options

Turtle Cove

While visiting several of our properties in Turtle Cove (Paprika, Oceanus, Ballyhoo Cottage, etc.), I wanted to see what eateries would be within walking distance for our guests. I ate at both the Green Bean Café, which makes decent wraps, and they have a selection of smoothies and coffee; and the Tiki Hut (more of a fried food variety), which is closer to the marina. Both are good spots for guests to stop and grab a bite if they have to wait for check-in. Also, between the two, you will find places to rent scooters, snorkel gear and bikes.

Fun Island Dinner spots: Conch Shack vs. Bugaloos

Da Conch Shack is located on the beach in Blue Hills in a local neighborhood. It has a very “chill” vibe, low key music and can get pretty windy as ¾ of the seating is outside with benches located on the beach. They have decent conch (the local islander’s staple seafood) but drinks are overpriced and you get very little. There is a guy there that will sell conch shells and will make a conch horn for you. I talked him down from selling a $25 conch horn to $10…so you can haggle for a cool island gift. It’s a fun place if you’re looking for a laidback and “chill” experience.


However, the new Turks spot is called Bugaloo’s. Bugaloo’s is located on Five Cays Beach (very convenient for guests staying on Chalk Sound) and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday they have live music. Food is much cheaper as this is where most locals go and in my opinion, much better than Conch Shack. Try the Rum Punch. So. Good. And. So. Cheap. Everyone I talked to on the island recommended this place and the Rum Punch. You can even help with cracking open the conch and be a part of the whole process. There is Limbo and fun games also. If you can’t tell already, I love this spot!

Fun spots in Grace Bay

Hemingway’s Restaurant – decent place to eat for lunch (fried food mainly). Food is a little overpriced, but it is in a great location right on the beach and next to a hotel. Guests can swim in the hotel pool right next door (they have a mini lazy river) or walk straight on the beach (there are no private beaches on Turks and Caicos so feel free to walk on whatever beach you’d like!).

Danny Buoys Bar – located right in the middle of Ports of Call, Danny Buoys is a nice little watering hole that has several beers on draft (stay away from the rum drinks…way too sugary). On Tuesdays and Thursdays they have karaoke and Fridays and Saturdays, there is a live band.

Gansevoort and Beach House – If you want to be fancy and class it up, you can drive roughly 7 minutes past Hemingway’s on Lower Bight Road (past the Beaches Resort) to the Gansevoort. It is a gorgeous resort with a high-class restaurant and bar. There is also a fancy beach bar a little further walk back. Next door is the Beach House restaurant, which is also a fancy spot, and they have live music on Friday as well.

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