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July 29, 2014

If you are searching for the ultimate souvenir, then you might consider a homeless puppy.  Both St. John and Provo in the Turks have great programs and make off-island adoption easy.

On St. John, the ACC Animal Care Center has island vets that provide rabies shots and health certificates.  Puppies, small dogs, cats and kittens can be carried in the airplane passenger cabins, eliminating the stress of riding in the cargo compartment of the airplane.  Over the shoulder pet carrier bags are available for purchase on island.

In the Turks, stray mutts are referred to as “Potcakes”.  The name originated because the locals fed the caked remains at the bottom of the cooking pot to the stray dogs.  The dogs are available for international adoption as well.  For those animal lovers who can’t adopt, you can visit the Potcake Place and take one of the dogs out for an afternoon and give it some loving and maybe a walk on the beach.


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