May 12, 2017

Turquoise water.  White sand.  Who doesn’t want to spend their Caribbean vacation experiencing gorgeous beaches?  You can fall in love with some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean, when you vacation in Bahamas, Jamaica, or St. Croix.  

Best Beaches in the Bahamas

bahamas pigs swimmingSome wonderful beaches to explore in the Bahamas lie along that area’s Long Island. One is called Columbus Harbor and has a protected and shallow inner bay.  This makes it perfect for families with kids.  You can also enjoy snorkeling or hunt for shells along the beautiful coastline.  

You’ll also be delighted with the beaches at Stella Maris, also in the Long Island area.  They’re known for exciting rock formations.  When the waves hit the rocks, expect to see glorious displays of white water flying through the air.   You can spend a day wading in warm water or sunbathing on the relaxing sandy beaches.

If you’re seeking more action and energy, you’ll want to visit Cable Beach, which is near New Providence Island.  Here’s a four-mile strip of beach, with easy access to abundant casinos, bars, and restaurants.  You can also enjoy various watersports in this area.

If swimming tops your agenda, an ideal option exists at Pink Sands Beach, near Harbour Island, Eleuthera.  Due to a coral reef, the shore is protected from breakers.  This makes it one of the best places to swim in the Bahamas.

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Best Beaches in Jamaica

jamacia beachFall in love with gorgeous Doctor’s Cave Beach while you’re in Jamaica.  The sheltered location allows for calmer waters, ideal for snorkeling. There’s also a ban on radios and vendors, so you’ll enjoy a quieter setting.  But you can expect some local restaurants to meet your mealtime needs.  And also book plenty of tour activities, including expeditions on glass-bottom boats.  Plenty of enjoyment for everyone.

If you’re in Jamaica to enjoy a lively atmosphere, you’ll enjoy Seven Mile Beach in Negril.  Sunbathing is a big hit on this beach, also.  You can also expect to see abundant vendors selling street foods.  And enjoy live reggae music from Alfred’s Ocean Palace as well as dancing on the sand.  

Another gem in Jamaica lies off the beaten path:  Treasure Beach.  You’ll love the six miles of beaches, largely untouched by tourists.  It takes a couple of hours to get there from the airport, but such a secluded environment might be worth the drive for those who value their private relaxation.

Treasure Beach isn’t devoid of all activities, though.  After sunset, you can toss back a few at the Pelican Bar or enjoy scrumptious lobster at Frenchman’s Reef Restaurant during their business hours.

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Best Beaches in St. Croix

St. Croix beachesPrepare to be amazed when you visit St. Croix because an abundance of gorgeous beaches make up the area.  One is Rainbow Beach, located in the west end of St. Croix.  If you love snorkeling this is an ideal location for you.  The water doesn’t get deep until you’ve gone out a long way, and the waters are teeming with fascinating sea life.  

When you get out of the water, Rainbow Beach also boasts a fun bar that plays live music on the weekends.  It’s a great place to combine relaxation and socializing.

For those who enjoy swimming, without fighting big waves, you’ll love Cane Bay Beach.  The water is calmer than some other areas, so it’s even ideal for inexperienced swimmers.  Also great is the snorkeling and even scuba diving availability.  And nightlife abounds as well, especially when you visit the Cane Bay Beach Bar.   It’s a terrific spot for catching up with old friends and making new ones.

If you don’t mind a short trip via boat, you will also love Buck Island’s Turtle Beach. Located right off the shore of St. Croix, this uninhabited island provides a stunning atmosphere for snorkeling, walking the beach, or sunbathing.  The water appears crystal clear!  The Buck Island Reef is a national monument, and the entire area is protected by the government.  It truly appears to be a glimpse of a  paradise.

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